Standing in front of painting works,can feel power of a thrilling

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Standing in front of painting works,can feel power of a thrilling

It involved you let a person cannot breathe. At this point, the interaction of the art and the audience to achieve the perfect position. custom portrait painting Through the layers of paint, bring us is silent, cold and deep thinking.
The portrait of the phase -- small tang, is pure sweet custom oil paintingand innocent, pure like western church of the virgin, her image and the present materialistic society seems to have bright contrast. Sweet girl that simple attractive image, just like life girl next door. Her hair luster of the skin, but moist. Eyes are moist and glittering and translucent, with extremely detailed outline lines of deep black hair and thick, foil a pure, sweet and delicate pink face. Lips natural red and facial skin color is very harmonious, just like real skin, has been completely can't see the trace of painting means, seems to be enlarged photo with high resolution, but it is real hand painted with paint, really reached a "delicate but not greasy, realistic rather than a true" master level.
After watching the LengJun works, feel the painter only high culture is not enough, talent and quality also is very important. Some painters painted a lifetime painting won't inflow, and some teens and twenty years to master. In the words buy portrait painting of LengJun, drawing on talent, not to say that culture can be made. He always firmly believe that: only go, can step by step close to the wedding portrait painting art gallery. A person's energy is limited, of course, dream cannot do great things, actually can be a tiny favorite thing perfectly, that is, make it big. LengJun very is also very straightforward, but very interesting to chew. Someone says LengJun works with its unique design combined with special artistic skill in the modern Chinese painting, it is not too much. He is most characteristic works of extreme realism. But in this painting the portrait of the phase -- small tang, work conception has been finish now realistic techniques covered a distance. He is in with their own hands, with a familiar painting language challenge of modern science and hand painted oil painting technology and civilization.
He should be a challenge to success

Domestic also have oil painting buyers over the past two years,oil painting some media oil painting also interested in him. He likes Chinese art oil painting market

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