BBC announced British public collections of 200000 oil painting works on the network

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BBC announced British public collections of 200000 oil painting works on the network

William Turner's oil painting "the warship, yong mang", now in the British national oil painting reproductions gallery, also in the Internet 200000 public collection.
Recently, the BBC announced the British public collections of 200000 paintings works one by one put on the network, not only that, the British art association's vast film archive also will be put on the network. The ambitious plan is BBC director mark Thompson, introduce the BBC in London company since 2009 in music, art, cultural aspects of the arrangements. This action, or to save this time for refusing to BBC report for humanitarian assistance in gaza for the demands of all over the sky.
There are many famous paintings in the U.K. but the public doesn't always have a chance to see these masterpieces, 80 \ % of work not on public display. Directory and the BBC and public foundation, to all public institutions of oil painting in 2012 years ago to the network, available to the public for free.
The BBC said they will specially for this event in the BBC's official website (BBC) Co. UK) set up a new branch, named "Your oil painting" (Your Paintings), the public can in this column to find all the information and see the national collection of Paintings.
Public directory foundation was founded in 2003, an estimated 200000 pieces of paintings main job is to put the video file. The British public collection of paintings has been underway for 30 \ % CunMu work.
In addition, the BBC said it is working and British art association, trying to persuade the British art association for the first time the collection of documents is open to the public for free on the Internet, including the association of art have huge movie data, the data can be traced back to 1950 s.
Is expected by the end of next year before the first public collection of oil paintings can surf the Internet on public display, all hope that in 2012 years ago all access to the Internet. BBC director mark Thompson said: "the BBC will take a series of measures to fulfill the responsibility of art to. As the broadcast media, we can't assume that the media can replace people to direct contact with works of oil painting art. But I believe that if we can show profound art, will encourage more people to see in person, to appreciate the art."
In addition to the public paintings show online, the BBC is also planning a series of activities related to art and culture, and arouse people's interest in this area, including a number of television and radio programs together jointly launched oil painting "season" of the poem and the British museum the sample exhibits to look at the world series radio show for February next year exhibition preheating of the same name, master a series of documentaries are also in the oil painting works

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