JinShangYi about oil painting in China to develop into more Chinese elements

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JinShangYi about oil painting in China to develop into more Chinese oil painting elements

JinShangYi, honorary chairman of the CPPCC standing committee, China national arts association on September 2, to attend the second China during this period when oil painting exhibition opening ceremony said modestly, painting as one of the representative of the western art, in China's development should be integrated into the more Chinese cultural elements, rather than simply imitate, can be in China a stronger vitality.
JinShangYi said the painting as an exotic type, after entering China oil painting reproductions obtained the very good development, especially after the reform and opening-up policy, China's oil painting artists more active, during this period, in oil has a high status in the Chinese art world. But we should now be sober realized that when oil painting was introduced into China, has its deep background of western culture, and Chinese culture, aesthetic, etc. There is a big difference, Chinese artists to create oil painting art works must pay attention to during the process of innovation in change, blend in more Chinese cultural elements, again with the advanced western art concept, creating oil painting art with Chinese characteristics, contribute to the diversified development of oil painting art.
Today the opening of the "research portrait painting on canvas and beyond - the 2nd China oil-painting exhibition slightly, sponsored by the China oil painting society, weifang people's government, the second session of exhibition since 2001, the assembly is the 16th lu Taiwan a high-profile national cultural activities. The 204 oil painting works on display, with diverse art gimmick, show the oil painting language exploration and research of new style, is a group of high academic value of art.
China's oil painting first appeared in the coffin instruments. According to zhou oil painting and han literature is written, two thousand years ago in China has been useful "oil painting history. Usually is 1581 matteo ricci with god, Madonna to China after, to the Chinese oil painting

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