Shao Dazhen:is classical and modern-theory PangMaoKun oil painting language

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Shao Dazhen:is classical and modern-theory PangMaoKun oil painting language

I note PangMaoKun paintings have been oil painting around for years. Is the spring of 1984, sichuan academy of fine arts in Beijing held a Chinese art gallery exhibition, demonstrates its teachers and students works of painting and printmaking. PangMaoKun, was only 21 years old, is a student of oil painting department, there are works of the apple is ripe. This work has received the widespread high praise. Issue of art, not only by gan this painting, but also published PangMaoKun writing creation the feelings of the painting. As readers, I like the apple is ripe, also love to read the essay written by the author.
The apple is ripe is the plot is very simple: a yi woman, sitting in the background is apple forest lands, the sun baked red apple on the branches, the guard of selling the old lady's eyes narrowed. Straight in the picture, the area of apple Lin oil painting reproductions occupy more than two-thirds of women sitting on the straight picture nearly equal to the woods, picture the proportion relationship between the parts is the golden rule, harmony and balance. Women into the outline of the gold tower, seems to be stable and strong. When the line of sight of people pass in the picture, will be immediately attracted by it's yi women's unique expression and posture. Behind it is ripe red apples and green branches and leaves, and the yellow land (a heavy and complicated, a pure), become the most appropriate foil characters. Draw the theme of the apple is ripe, the focus on guard near the apple Lin on the old woman's image. Describe her wholesale oil painting joy and peace? Her happiness and the experiences of these days? Yes, and it isn't. Is such a rich life feelings, one stand up to people, thinking and aftertaste. Select scenes, this is an artist has to deal with the first line of the difficulties, especially in oil painting creation. It must have keen observation, good at capturing the fleeting feeling in your life. Needless to say, the landscape like the apple is ripe, it is impossible to "fall behind", only from life inspired and implication. PangMaoKun in the articles of the journal about my painting the apple is ripe, the motivation oil painting of this picture is to experience life liangshan yi nationality area in 1983. Yi people live in the original stage of development to young painters of the feeling is: "strange atmosphere like a hazy dim sleepy fell on people, you can from those who abound individual character design of face contour, vessel, folds to touch up the sleeping thoughts or some kind of original law. Quiet sitting position is the place where they are the most attract me, yi person as if want to be in the stone silence more simple than our understanding of the universe and life". Obviously, the young painter of mind is a kind of spiritual power, embody in the concrete and realistic "matter" some ideas and thoughts. "People oil painting connected with the environment there is harmony both inseparable, this harmony through life and labor to achieve perfect." - the author so praised yi people's lives. Painter how to deal with the life experience, his answer is: "then work, life, to fruit into the consciousness of the viewer screen at the same time, they could use logic and can understand the picture, to grasp the picture of the whole."
PangMaoKun spent eight months (and, of course, he as a student in this period also have other courses) to create the painting. Probably the most tasked his energy, is in a rational balance between spirit and a strong feeling: "make picture peace and unity." To that end, he strives for the frame of simple, background processing into plane effect, make the space stretches oil painting (not like the space to the general picture at the back), in order to make the viewer to participate in this space and more directly feel the picture in the space, and thus make the picture itself more show its independent significance. The painter to depict the prospects of characters, and get the mood and atmosphere of the environment, but also spent a great deal of effort. This picture is also called PangMaoKun virgo, finally got the recognition. Young painter is very modest, he said: "I can only see it as a less than month births and regret, if time permits, maybe I will continue to draw down."
The apple is ripe, the painting, as well as around the painting painting sketch, draw the outline of a small draft, and for processing image sketch, of course, the article written by the author, are fully shows that this is a very young painter with thinking, a lot of potential. He has very good realistic basic skill training, and cultivation of philosophy, literature and history. His quality is not artist or artisans, but there are oil painting aesthetic mind of the artist

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