Another characteristic is "totem energy oil painting" and view ICONS heart communication

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Another characteristic is "totem energy oil painting" and view ICONS heart communication

Professor li hope by itself on Chinese culture, and spiritual experience oil painting of the deeper, the light in his paintings of nature and human nature, heaven and earth to view ICONS inside can be calm, completeness and good light.
Bold coloring innovation tools
The biggest characteristic of contemporary art, is the spirit of innovation, professor li in his artistic creation, is good at with bold colour is tie-in, create new visual shock effect, in the seemingly uncoordinated and even conflict each other, under his freedom without a care, unexpectedly show so harmonious and pleasing effect. On the technique creative, professor li also constantly seek beyond: from the "energy", to "rush" totem, "color unexpectedly", "color", "click" and "idea" and "deconstruction" and so on own technique, time and time again in the breakthrough, constantly to view different levels of the mind, teacher, she shakes.
Technique is not only in subject matter and originality innovation and breakthrough, professor li more inventions designed more than one hundred kinds of painting tools, these tools can show in the picture is different from the effect of the oil painting reproductions brush, also caused the echoes from all over the world a lot of discussion and art field.
Versatile creative
Professor li is an amazing force and versatile artist, born in mathematics he abstract oil painting never accepted art education training, but from the oil painting creation, architectural space, jewelry boutique, music, literature and science all have outstanding performance.
Early professor li had under his pen name "Confucianism" creation more than ten sets of kung fu novel, smooth, fresh and humorous style, captured many wuxia novel fan's heart. The first novel "cicada knife" was adapted into a blockbuster Taiwanese television series "cicada" legend; Ten years later he latest film "setting the wind", a zen wind restoring ancient ways new martial hand painted oil painting arts novel first, and for two weeks from Taiwan is wang Jin Shitang best-seller list of top three. Chinese kung fu novel critics think he can break through path, Chen ink set not only has a wonderful imagination, bold, and often, fooling developed a novel style

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