In oil painting "left-behind children" series,Duan Yu sea desalt symbolic and augmented reality

in Oil painting Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:02 pm
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In oil painting "left-behind children" series,Duan Yu sea desalt symbolic and augmented reality

Strengthen the sense of sunshine and highlight pertinence, its creation tendency to become distinctive traits and sure. In addition, we also can be in his creation of landscape painting since 2006 have the same feeling. His works are sketching oil painting, but it does not quite places described, in addition to the necessary form expression, rare and dark parts of the dark side, everything in the midday sun, clear, transparent and warm. There's a Chinese painting to ignore the aesthetic orientation of the shadow, also has the yunnan-guizhou plateau art transformation of visual experience. Compared with the first phase of the creation, the artistic language is mature and rich individual character, this for a painter, is rather difficult.
Duan Yu sea still don't want to stay down and enjoy both work, recently started the "landscape" from "left-behind children" to "I" series, the existing more than 10 compositions, may become the creation the beginning of the third stage. From the existing works, the painter renewed interest in the human body, the series of "fake" ridicule of classical culture and copied in on the "elegy series products of irony, switch to human consumption era, the relationship between man and self, self and the body. Under the assumption that the picture of the scene or free combination, the artist is associated with self portraits, in entertainment, consumption, enjoy, see, women with performance, artificial posture and faces, this is the women's happy and because women see men, on the monochrome background picture seemed pointless. This is interest and the consumption of sexual interest, because of the distance of wulitou become ridiculous and is not serious, the self "I" is doubtful. The self is really "I consumption, therefore I am"? This sentence in text form in the history of art itself is the fact that ridicule. "I consumption, therefore I am" is only the surface and the public, while the true self in the deep heart's core, in the spirit is unable to confirm. Maybe it's problem was Duan Yu sea to be touched. This is likely to artists in self and object of consumption relationship each other, but the biggest trap remains: consumption as happy source into object according to the other, the result is self instead due to consumption of otherness and become false, inertia, mass collective and objects of ideology. This is the picture on women and men that is, the relationship between self and objects. Duan Yu sea venture, further creation is very noticeable. oil painting reproductions Indifference to style is Duan Yu sea constantly inspired vigor, while maintaining the willfulness, remain free creative spirit, how the magnitude of the longitudinal deepening language to express? Art is always be custom oil painting genetic, also is always a temptation for spirit. Viewers believe Duan Yu sea works, also can like me, to his later creation is full of blessings and look forward to

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