Realistic oil painting a price from last spring and re-building has been reflected

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Realistic oil painting a price from last spring and re-building has been reflected

"Realistic" focus after last spring, autumn sales of bedding,custom oil painting by hand painted make enough social influence, and attention, and new buyers and capital market. This year's spring to maintain high prices, is a natural result. This year spring realistic painting of good quality and have a good collector with buyers, and have sufficient funds to cooperate, the price is inevitable.
Auction market and secondary market have time difference and regional difference, the expert thinks, autumn sales must be better than the spring, this is a summary of comments. Years at a time when about to harvest, energy and money are relatively abundant, autumn sales performance is better than the spring. Regional difference is in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Hong Kong, etc. These cities are art weight matrix, but the market performance is different. The most evident on the volume, is undoubtedly the best in the mainland market, Beijing is much higher than in Shanghai, guangzhou. Hong Kong's auction market despite early, the quality is very high, buyers purchase views and quantity, level relatively mature and stable. But at present we see economic background, especially in the realistic painting this piece, different from the Hong Kong market, the emergence of new buyers, most into the mainland market, and cash flow is very plenty of buyers, other cities are also concentrated emergence to Beijing.
So you can consider that realistic painting aesthetic standards is relatively easy to grasp, the public are more likely to accept the glitzy, aestheticism. There is no denying the fact that this is the basic pursuit for beauty. The aesthetic needs of realistic painting most conforms to this level, belong to have the strongest, the most extensive aesthetic foundation type. Chinese realistic painting appeared many masters, this shows that our country realistic ability is very strong, the level is very high, won the broad and solid mass base. So the favour of realistic painting is bound to get a new admission money.
Because of realistic painting aesthetic threshold is low, mainland collectors contact realistic painting late, plus money is enough, then the second peak of realistic painting. Shandong book collectors Mr Du lots of realistic painting, is the Chinese realistic painting as the typical representative of the second wave of the peak in the market. The first wave height are famous collectors are familiar to us, with wang zhongjun, Tang Ju representative, (weibo) does not show hill not roric, long silent attention, hand painted family portrait painting gradually pushing the solid art market. Due to the cost and also now, now the price of may is 10 times or more in the past, some people have to buy, then comes the second peak of realistic painting, new buyers into the realistic section, this is a virtuous circle.
Actually collectors collection point of view is different, in pat on field openly and high-profile collectors, it has to do with the current market structure. The original market structure mainly insider, these experts know lots of value and price, also know that the purpose of buying their own - used to collect, or used for short term and long term investment. But now market structure have been great changes of, need to rely on new buyers to push prices. Do not rule out, some new buyers from showing off, like the feel of the much-anticipated, so choose a high-profile way of bidding. High-profile collection must have the effect of the publicity, there are some entrepreneurs also will use the auction to improve their popularity, director zhang LAN qiao jiangnan before buying from the work of an artist, did not pay, after has become more prominent because of the case, some people think that this is speculation, some people think that is a personal question, opinions vary, but there is no denying the fact that this is the result of buyers pursuit social influence. In the acquisition and collection of the arts, however, the influence and popularity is very important, high collection is of great help to form a brand. Myriam ullens, in fact, has become a brand, do you think they sell must be a good thing. Now, wang wei, liu's purchase, has become a brand, people will generally think they must be a good buy. Visible, early in the pat on field performance will earn enough social attention, become the focal point.
The moment there is a big problem, many realistic painter and gallery cooperation, not choose to take, the reason is: first, the imperfect market structure in China's overall art. For overseas mature markets, portrait painting by hand painted studio share more clear hierarchy, from the artists to the gallery, the critics, the secondary market sales, or entered the art gallery, museum exhibits, forming a chain. But for China, the chain is not mature, our way to trade for the art market belongs to the Chinese traditional way to trade, namely the buyer directly to the market. Second, to a limited number of realistic painting creation, market tend to be more robust, a year that some pictures, so they also choose the way that you sent. These are China's national conditions at present, the future need to regulate the content of the

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