Autumn color, feel the beauty of autumn scenery of Korea oil paintings

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Autumn color, feel the beauty of autumn scenery of Korea oil paintings

A year the four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter, every oil painting season has a different flavor, different scenery, the beauty of autumn is a little cold, autumn wind is blowing blowing filar silk cool, autumn beauty has a somewhat mature, fruits, and the harvest season, the beauty of autumn with color, colorful, pleasant scenery. The beauty of autumn is also the painter's regulars, this season has beautiful scenery, to show human nature scenery, depicting the scenery of autumn in oil painting, in the baby Jane mall shows there are many beautiful paintings, including several north Korean painting attracted our eyes deeply, is invigorating.

North Korea oil painting with fine brushwork, the unique oil painting reproductions emotional interpretation, real plain image, has been more and more people of all ages. North Korea landscape oil painting with more realism is given priority to, with north Korea artist life see beautiful scenery as the theme, show the motherland's great rivers, and we are appreciate the exquisite artists drawing art at the same time, also appreciate the pleasant scenery of the foreign country.

"Autumn lane" oil paintings of north Korea

Diagram is shown in this north Korean painting autumn lane is by artist cui jinan, collection should baby Jane mall. Jinan, north Korea's exploits artist cui, who graduated from cheap oil painting the Pyongyang university of fine arts, from Han Shangyi, literature and our study painting, in the Pyongyang university of fine arts for 30 years, the Korean artist union's central committee, national fine arts department, the review committee members is one of north Korea's prestigious artists. Drawings to show us a picture of the beauty of the autumn, faint trail, branches and leaves have been gradually withered leaves, float to the ground, imagine walking in the path, people can also touch, much a few minutes of oil painting painters of elegant, is a rare masterpiece of masterpieces.

Filial piety "lake autumn Korea oil painting

Diagram shown in this image from fellow baby Jane oil painting mall north Korean paintings by artists ZhuoXiaoYan lake autumn, ZhuoXiaoYan is north Korea's first-level artist, who graduated from the Pyongyang university of fine arts, the art of the highest level in north Korea Wan Shoutai engaged in painting creation, creation club ZhuoXiaoYan color is rich, the works of touches, magnanimous, Bohemian is a prominent personality and great development potential of young artists. The lake autumn, the author showed us a picturesque scenery, the author observed carefully, the picture is full of colour, level clear, through such a beauty can reflect the living state of the north Korean people, expressed portrait painting the north Korean people love life, very looking forward to a better life of psychological realism. (Po Po art commentator Sun Ruifeng writing)

According to bo bo Po comments 】 【 outfit, north Korea oil painting with fine brushwork, lifelike picture attracts our attention, how a realistic oil painting is given priority to, shows the superb painting skills, reflect the Korean people of attitude to life, and yearning for a better life and gratitude. North Korean painting now the overall price is low in YouHuaJie in its infancy, very investment and collection value.


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