What kind of Chinese oil painting is value of world?Is it just since the ancient times of literati paintings

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What kind of Chinese oil painting is value of world?Is it just since the ancient times of literati paintings

The asahi shimbun JiZheCun wood and child is always Xue Linxing painting fan. One night, in the spring of 1997, they lend Tokyo big pill gallery's annual "Oriental beauty god -- Xue Linxing painting exhibition" held a chance to come to a restaurant in Tokyo. Spherical trees outside French window a soft light, fully the lawn with a layer of silver on the shop. Indoor, murmur around the table is a curved water and soft music in Japan.
Village of wood and the child to a bottle of wine "bride". oil painting for sale by hand painted from china Touch the cup, she asked, "what made you choose the original traditional Chinese painting?" Xue Linxing expression tells the story of his own experience. To leave on the day of Japan, off at the airport in the village of wood and handed him a magazine. He opened a look, there is a long article the Oriental beauty god - Xue Linxing dream ", also included a few pages --, dim moonlight, cherry trees before atop tingting to stand a woman dressed in white kimono, have a little sad, also have a few silk yiyi. "At that time, I suddenly have a brainstorm and" Xue Linxing later recalled, "I'm going to paint a picture of a big, big, with yellow, black, white 3 kinds of color of skin beauty, they like to dance like cheung, and there was a lot of doves - China blue, wear a helmet, the United States in Europe, Germany table, Africa in the neck. This painting is called" the peace angel." Can you imagine Xue Linxing painting? In addition to Chinese ink, and the modelling of rich color and vivid. This, in fact, already broke through the traditional Chinese literati paintings of the mold.
But is this rebellion of Chinese paintings are popular abroad, such as: Japan gifu city nearly 1988 iron Xue Linxing exhibition gallery, the exhibition of all 46 painting sold; In 1992, a Tokyo gallery Xue Linxing art exhibition, exhibition sold nearly 70%; And big pill in Tokyo gallery, Xue Linxing was one of the first signing of the traditional Chinese painting painters, with a fine arts society and Tokyo also wants to make his work as prints for promotion. Japanese beauty painting master ShouJi evaluation under the east big disciple of deepwater sen Xue Linxing HuaShui: "with more ink have Chen Jiugan, your painting colour is very strong." However, some other traditional Chinese painting painters are not so lucky. Typical example is: on the Osaka exhibition of the world in 1993, China has made three master painter's works were a: rongbaozhai block watermark painting exhibition, but the price is less than the European and American countries some little-known painter works; Held in Tokyo, in a big Chinese painter's personal exhibition, six days a did not sell. Say simply, in the tradition of more than 1000 years now, in the sense of traditional Chinese painting is a kind of literariness and elusive "XinHua" of "artistic conception", in addition to pay attention to the ink black and white ash, picture leave a large blank space to give full of imagination. This particular about color, shape and light with the west painting art is completely different. Due to the experience of success abroad, Xue Linxing think produced in specific historical conditions of Chinese traditional literati paintings if you want to walk into the international market, we must learn how to use international painting language. "It's like to tell the story of China in English." He said.
Of course, 54, Xue Linxing is not the first people to hope to reform the traditional Chinese painting. Early decades, before he had left in the 1920 s method of xu beihong, wu guanzhong and Lin Fengmian people began the work, and presents different characteristics in the course of their work. But besides xu beihong, Lin Fengmian and wu guanzhong's exploration and pursuit of all suffered a conservative, its main idea is "that is not the traditional Chinese painting" and "crossed the bottom line" of Chinese painting. Even today this view is still there. For example, in the second half of 2004 at the tenth national fine arts exhibition, won gold prize of Chinese painting "its" and "the pale green light red" was widely criticised. "Its" and "the pale green light red" is the author of two little-known painter. "Its" is a picture described propylene painting material, such as introducing the apprehensively jiangnan of the field work, light green occupying most of the images; The pale green light red is in a very shallow tonal depict the crisscross lines of young women and fashionable fashionable young women. Critics say, custom oil painting from chinathese two pieces of award-winning "really surprising, weakening the points and lines of traditional ink painting, lost the characteristics of Chinese painting". But exhibition organizers claim, winning entries by traditional techniques successfully expressed the modern visual and aesthetic temperament and interest, and effectively convey the characteristics and brand of The Times, expressed the spirit of modern and modern life.
On the 10th art, color class Chinese paintings part won gold medal and silver medal, accounting for 49% of the total award nominated works, and including traditional Chinese realistic painting color and using new techniques, out of ink, ink and other traditional literati painting style of new accounts for 53.6% of the total award nominated works of Chinese painting. Art institute of sichuan university, dean of the trees have a tendency to later asked, "does this mean that, in the field of traditional literati painting for just the color 1023 after one hundred, the contemporary Chinese people began to attach importance to the color of this important human visual language?" From the 1949 national fine arts exhibition held every five years, is considered to be China's most influential national fine arts exhibition

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