Fu Baoshi oil painting "chairman MAO's poetry" clap to 100 million yuan,price must step continuously

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Fu Baoshi oil painting "chairman MAO's poetry" clap to 100 million yuan,price must step continuously

Internal competition is still unabated, clinch a deal finally with 230 million yuan, custom oil painting to the highest bidder, calligraphic and painting works Fu Baoshi auction new record at the same time.
Clap to the subsequent Wu Hufan "fuchun mountains" clinch a deal for 98.9 million yuan, refresh Wu Hufan calligraphy and painting works auction record. This picture folios for up to seven meters, complete reappearance huang gongwang Jane.
Wu Hufan lifetime to artistic attainments in the painting "fuchun mountains", make the spread for hundreds of years, separated two borders of a long distance in combination, its special significance and historical value of ancient is empty.
Auction site, Wu Hufan "fuchun mountains" asking for 36 million yuan, boom was bidding, in the fierce competition in a number of buyers, rapidly rising prices, after 80 million, there are still three buyers compete, mark-up over millions, written "fuchun mountains to effect the ancient calendar this classic legend.
HanHai fall on the first day of bright spots is not confined to three famous extravaganza in modern times, the performance of the contemporary calligraphy and painting section, too: contemporary famous painter cui as individual performance with 100% clinch a deal the hammer, 17 works with RMB 132 million clinch a deal, a contemporary painter personal work record.
China made of qi baishi "landscape copies in with 194 million yuan price 194 million autumn sales ranked third in Chinese painting and calligraphy classes.
Contemporary painting part again show the brand of Chinese power and strength, in the end, the transaction more than 1.87 billion yuan, 26 never works. Qi baishi 1931 "the book of landscape" is to 194 million yuan price to become first $items this fall.
Qi baishi as in the autumn of 1931 the book of landscape is famous for its Wen Susong fell appreciation collectors, twelve, each 34.5 x 35 cm. This album in 1994 autumn sales in 1994 clinch a deal valence in her field of Chinese painting and calligraphy at the time record. When an auctioneer reported one hundred and ten million yuan after the opening bid, that is, several collectors response, after the court and telephone commissioned by the buyer after bidding each other, eventually clinchs a deal with RMB 194 million. This book from the department of eight titles, namely, "chaoyang", "the cattle figure" smoke sea, sail, "the male landscape", "month as static time", "after the rain", "barren hills can xue", "LiuPuQiu 殅". Not department title four, according to the content can be named as "ancient jackdaws", "rizhao-heze pond fish", "sha zhu cormorants", "the mountain people". Roughly man's subject is the result of white stone old man travel home impression and memory, drawing law from on the basis of predecessors' schemata and sketch creation.
The ancient calligraphy and painting quality drop $
Outside the top three, wang Hui tang dynasty poetic figure, Wang Shimin page copy each landscape, the yuan dynasty and the true flower part GongRuiHe responsory poetry volume "respectively in the autumn of 2011 4, 5, 6.
China at the "grand view, Chinese painting and calligraphy treasures night" special part of the ancient painting and calligraphy, "shu Shi Qu treasure" the king of the cataloguing Hui the tang dynasty poetic figure over one hundred million yuan, with a record 126.5 million hit the king Hui field. Do write the jiangnan scenery, since the topic: "Yu Geng Yin, kangxi forty-nine years, Shi Gu seventy-nine." Its BaZhong claims to "design management, refers to the wrist and a comfortable, appreciation should be able to still can". Visible after the leisurely and comfortable when he painted and painted. This ticket via the Shi Qu bao shu? : "the record, is old, oil painting reproductions by hand painted qing pu yi after joining to the puppet and degradation of the folk.
Public watches yuan "worship really flower GongRuiHe responsory poetry volume" special performance on the evening of December 3 at 10:30, after an hour of fighting, the "national calligraphy epic blockbuster one hundred million yuan RMB, this is Beijing kuang since the establishment of the first to break the sale of one hundred million yuan.
The yuan dynasty calligraphy dampened, clap to quickly rose to 50 million from 5 million yuan, and then at the scene of the telephone commissioned and between the buyer, until after 63.5 million, and the new one site buyer and phone to entrust the buyer. In this more than a few bidders in the bidding, the final hammer with 88 million yuan by the buyer to, plus a commission, clinch a deal valence is 101.2 million yuan

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