This generation of oil painters,study of Chinese and western two cultures,mixed feelings of different culture

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This generation of oil painters,study of Chinese and western two cultures,mixed feelings of different culture

Well, to create what kind of paintings is their proposition is unable to avoid. Learning the western oil painting localization characteristics, both artists and beneficence, after the natural language of the traditional Chinese oil painting culture, and artists in the face of the collision of two cultures, the cultural choice, oil painting studio offer top portrait painting contains the deep thinking of Chinese oil painting form what appearance and endeavour. In fact, the issue of the theorists, the painter has been to explore oil painting development in theory, they actively advocating to explore oil painting "Chinese spirit" and "the Chinese oil painting", and with each other.
20 s, and the good of Chinese and western painting Wang Yachen attaches great importance to Chinese culture, he said: "the Oriental learning painting is not like western people study the painting... now, always thought to some western smells, I think it's inappropriate. The essence of the ancient Chinese, western people very attention, don't shrug off our own will? This is not a conservative, is really should encourage her up, can be in a good thing in the world?" Emergs lots, points out that "the Chinese painting, western painting, all is the picture of the Chinese people, not the Chinese painting of the painting, will and western... I am one who advocates to take oil painting materials to make traditional Chinese painting, more willing to take the western material for Chinese painting." Wang Yachen and emergs lots according to the Chinese oil painters engaging westernization, imitating the western painting style, calls attention to the Chinese native culture, USA oil painting for sale advocate "the Chinese oil painting", is very insightful, their tone words clear, become the oil painting localization theory. Since the 30 s, a group of oil painters such as NiYiDe, string, etc., not only dedicated to the fusion of Chinese and western painting from the practice, in theory to explore the development of Chinese art road. In 1933 in the journal of art "about the future of Chinese art" symposium, NiYiDe proposed "absorb foreign all nutrients, and the art of China alone", he said: "all art research process... must pass through the imitation and then to achieve creation.custom couple portrait painting USA Creation is not without foundation, and must be produced by imitating....... for foreign ideas and foreign techniques, we can accommodate, research, however, we can only do nutrients with it, it just like mud in the pool, took all of the nutrients in the mud and the gorgeous flowers to open, but not to imitate to end, from imitation to independent and create their own art. The art must be the spirit of modern China and in this way, Chinese art is the road ahead." In May 1937, Shanghai "gorgeous evening news" art "published a signed" LuJie ", he said: "China's foreign painter if requirements towards the world art scene go way out, so the performance of 'China', in other words should show characteristic of our nation." LuJie puts forward the concept of "Chinese painting" is actually with Wang Yachen put forward the concept of "the Chinese oil painting" exactly the same. He further explained: "although each process of academic research is created by imitating and reach, but China is now the painter shouldn't imitate, now is our own creation."
The above views are reflected the painter ponder and explore the future of the Chinese oil painting, in the era of learning and advocating western culture environment, not content to imitate the western painting technique, and pointed to the direction of "Chinese spirit", "Chinese characteristics", "national character", reveal the artists of "China" "nation" cultural respect, rich foresight to expect a development direction of Chinese oil painting

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