A peaceful face,eyes filled with longing,appreciate Korean artist's paintings

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A peaceful face,eyes filled with longing,appreciate Korean artist's paintings

We can deeply feel a warm moved slowly flowing in my heart. They all retain childlike innocence, more to blend in the pure artistic creation, make the work more sincere expression of emotion, infectious.
Neighbors to "behavior"
Home residents rich garden of Mr Zhang likes collect painting, oil painting north Korea oil painting is his favorite. "With the international art exchanges are increasingly frequent, we include Russia's oil painting in Europe is no longer strange, but referred to north Korea's oil paintings, believe that most people don't know, even slightly mystique." About oil painting first and north Korea become attached to, Mr Zhang said: "the north adjacent to China, one thousand years has been carrying on the cultural exchange between the two countries, and forged a deep friendship, so north Korea's painting is similar with China - north Korea the traditional Chinese painting, also has a north Korean painting. Especially the north oil paintings, simple style, rich style and rich color, like a jewel hidden, quietly bloom."
Many neighbors attracts thousands appreciate Mr. Zhang's collection of oil paintings, after a lot of people watching. Citizens Mr Wu says, even though he is not a professional art, but enjoy the paintings at ordinary times. Look for north Korea for the first time, Mr. Wu the deepest impression is "fresh".
"Favourite Korean character painting, image full, rounded lines. The paintings to let a person feel very comfortable, the feeling is very pure and fresh." A part of friend said, north Korea has a long history of painting, decoration painting or landscape painting, all has the very high art level and ornamental value. Observation to north Korea's style and regional culture, to experience the exotic customs.
Xuzhou museum staff, told reporters that as a matter of fact, north Korea oil painting landscape painting in the value of relatively high. They contained life breath, pour into the life emotion, artistic conception, as reflected in evoked memories of the past years, we bring us to life, and the nature of thinking deeply.
Classical style "avoiding Mrs"
Many residents enjoying north Korea after the painting is very curious, why north Korea painting painting is different from other countries, give a person a kind of "avoiding Mrs" feeling?
Art museum professionals said that north Korea has a unique style of oil painting, characteristics and value of realistic painting style, unique emotion, rich ethnic customs show the aspiration of people of north Korea and quiet state of mind. He also said north Korea is known as the world art market of oil painting on the last piece of mysterious virgin land to be developed. In a world of noise and complex, see pictures of Korean artist plain, delivering a fresh and meaningful, works the artistic features of the peace and quiet, sweet like wilderness.
A painter told reporters: "the Korean painting with distinctive national features, the character's costume and expression is any country and nation is copied, north Korea was a closed country, now is not open to the public,custom oil painting from china so the picture is not impacted by the external ideological trend, have been maintained by the national classical painting style, the price of these paintings are more affordable, it is worth collecting."
Their customs
Have a good result of collection of uncle wang told reporters: "the Korean painting reflects the customs of the north, and and s of the 20th century Chinese oil painting has similarities, very realistic, image is very full."
Lee told reporters: "my grandparents once participated in" the Korean war, listen to him about the story of the Korean people, can see pictures from north Korea, is very excited. Oil painting depicted on the local conditions and customs, like China's propaganda and eighties last century."
An industry veteran, told reporters: "north Korea's oil painting art style, edify, by Russian oil paintings with north Korea's peculiar social realism style, the beauty of the natural and social artistically condensed into the works. The Korean painting subject matter more for the snowy fields, the trees, lakes, and people work, labor scene, has strong lyric flavor. The Korean people for its ingenuity and hard work to create the brilliant national culture. Rarely influenced by western values, have a strong independent consciousness of Korean artists, with great enthusiasm to treat their own leaders, model and honest lovely north Korean people and scenery beautiful peninsula, fully display the inner creative inspiration and ideas. They use a great enthusiasm to describe each picture can reflect the work of country and people's spirit, starting point comes from the praise for the motherland and national emotion. Some of them even took his lifetime creation and describe these works, reflects a focus on painting willpower.

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