Foreign painter lang shining to draw oil painting portrait auction: the Chinese version of the "Mona Lisa" At the upcoming Bei

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Foreign painter lang shining to draw oil painting portrait auction: the Chinese version of the "Mona Lisa"

At the upcoming Beijing HanHai 2010 autumn auction, by Italian qing dynasty court painter lang shining to draw oil painting "pure HuiGuiFei like" will appear racket games, this is the only one of the earliest Chinese oil painting, has more than 300 years ago, and only by the private collection of lang shining after emperor oil portrait painting.

Lang shining, known as "the first person of western painters", in 1714 (53rd year of the reign of emperor kangxi) arrived in the east, as a missionary Yu Kangxi late into the palace, highly Kang Yongqian RongChong three generation emperor, emperor qianlong to it particularly appreciates, life all after emperor portrait drawn by his hand. In the decades of artist career, qing lang shining created including documentary, portraits, flowers and birds painting still life and other topics. 51 years in China, art and life for the qing dynasty court paintings of lang shining added colorful a, has become a part of cannot be ignored in Chinese art history.

Taken on the "pure HuiGuiFei as" creation in the early years of the qianlong, still in good condition, characters of half-length positive framing, face bright, colour is harmonious, almost invisible pen. Pure HuiGuiFei wearing in the picture the manchu court robe, wearing winter used towards the champions league, concubine look quiet and peaceful. Lang shining to extraordinary drawing art gives the court empresses painting a beautiful and noble spirit, is one of the "Mona Lisa" of China. Lang shining works only a little, painted works for the royal collection, mostly folk wisdom. By the researcher at the national Palace Museum, the qing dynasty palace nie last Ming chongzen painting expert research, existing at present and can be identified as lang shining portraits painted emperor after a total of 5 pieces, the qianlong emperor bust robe like 4 out of museums of France respectively and Beijing's Palace Museum oil painting collection, "the pure HuiGuiFei as" is the only private collection of works.

It was reported that in 1900, the wholesale oil painting g8 coalition forces invaded Beijing, including the pure HuiGuiFei as part of the emperor oil painting reproductions of the portrait by the French supreme commander general general frei swept into Europe as a "trophy", Frey clan posterity in succession after the auction, the pure HuiGuiFei as is proved by sotheby's

Hong Kong auction houses from Frey clan.

HanHai autumn auctions on December 7, 2010 to 12, held in Beijing kerry centre hotel, 7 to 9 preview, 10 to 12, auction, has launched the ancient, modern and contemporary oil painting art, contemporary famous purple clay pipes, ancient rare books, jade, gold Buddha, China Li pavilion horn carving, antique rarities such portrait painting as 20 totaled 2800 lots, the total value of more than 1 billion yuan.

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