under the influence of the important factors in the process of the development of China's art market appeared more and more new

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by binglaner

"In multidimensional, under the influence of the important factors in the process of the development of China's art market appeared more and more new phenomenon and new changes, the art market in the second half of 2015 to 2016 in the most difficult in the first half of the year. In 2016 to oil painting autumn we feel a trace of warmth, Gardner, poly, kuang shi auction get good grades. Stop disorderly stabilizing autumn sales performance. To boost confidence, aggregate market information, it is the ability to stop disorderly stabilization. But now cannot achievements or formal auction success as a market recovery, but merely some signal, far from recovery. China's art market is through the most difficult time, but the judge to make a warm, may yet have to wait until the fall of 2017, this is the basic judgment as a marketing researcher."
Stop disorderly stabilization
In the past two years, the Chinese art market into sensitive and complicated situation. The factors of many, but above all, I think, may be nothing more than are the following 5 aspects. One is the social and economic environment at home and abroad is not stable, on the impact of the Chinese art market; Second, the Chinese art market continued development of the impact of cyclical round; Three Chinese art market is the underlying the profound influence of the structural change and transition; Four Chinese art market is the important influence of the evolution of the internal process development; Five is the development of the Chinese art market influence in the process of dynamic mechanism is reshaping. Before the Chinese art market is gift market dominant, 18 times new social economic and political ecology change after the assembly, the art market development for collection investment market in the leading market environment. Art market supply mechanism is to build and form, facing the new pattern.
Among them, Chinese calligraphy and painting market as the tradition of the Chinese art oil painting reproductions market and very important part of it has its own unique system structure, also has its own unique rules. First, the calligraphy and painting collection investment market is characterized by a high threshold, strong professional characteristics. Second, calligraphy and painting collection investment market has the characteristics of clear, the characteristics of high purity. Third, Chinese painting and calligraphy collection value found in the investment market platform has been constructed and improvement. Fourth, Chinese painting and calligraphy collection investment market has established a framework to compare clear price system. Fifth, Chinese painting and calligraphy collection investment market is characterized by relatively strong stability. Sixth, Chinese painting and calligraphy collection investment market is relatively stable, scientific collection culture. Seventh, calligraphy and painting continuity optimal investment market, cultural knowledge area wide, broad market basis.
The Chinese painting and calligraphy, and the market of evaluation and analysis, judgment can be obtained as follows.
Importance has not been reduced
Chinese calligraphy and painting market position is strategic, this is anchored custom oil painting market positioning. The art market is very peak, calligraphy and painting market three cent world first, accounting for 30% ~ 40%; Market adjustment stage, is very cold, depression, and accounts for half of the performance of Chinese painting and calligraphy market important strategic position. Calligraphy and painting market in turnover scale level, accounting for 60% of the Chinese art trading, show the Chinese calligraphy and painting market in the whole can play an important role in the stability of the Chinese art market, its core position is on this.
Market confidence stop disorderly stabilization
Gardner, poly and kuang market clinch a deal, qi baishi "now was so near, qi baishi landscape copies", chang of the Swiss mountains than items such as concentration, boost market confidence, aggregate market confidence, to stop disorderly stabilizing guiding role of the market. In the autumn of 2016, Gardner, poly, kuang shi auction companies such as well, just confirm that judgment.
"Dual structure" is emerging
With the deepening development of China's art market, Chinese calligraphy and painting market "crowd out" the stack "stimulate" effect, the dual structure of the market is going to deepen. Binary structure is refers to the high end market development at the same time, in a time pattern of the rise of the rapid development of high-end and low-end market. Calligraphy and painting market structure transformation, rapid growth is the market for investment assets. Due to the different consumption market and asset investment market value orientation, market as the Chinese painting and calligraphy are forming dual structure. Now the development of world economy environment, once again let the art of high quality assets into the stimulating effect of the window.
Open market is developing
China's art market is a closed circle before, but with the continuous development of the art buy oil painting market, further show art form, from the circle to the open market trend of more and more strong. Open trading platform has developed rapidly, and soon become a trend. Auction, culture exchange and asset management platform, art electricity trading platform, which are in the open market, there are also lots of growing public form. Driven public hotspots diversified development of the market, because the public information more transparent, information sharing degree is higher, the value of art is more easy to find, easier as asset management tools to be used. The diversity of art development has become a trend.
Cross-border fusion appear constantly
Listed company merger and acquisition kuang, poly and huayi cooperation, this is the important direction of the current art market. Many art financial enterprises listed in Hong Kong, China, may be the next step will see more art enterprise in the domestic new three board and main board and gem listing.
In the new buyer groups
The adjustment of the structure of the buyer in, adjust the speed will be faster and faster. Most of the art market players market before, now developed into a collection investment market constantly. Buyers group structure change quickly, the most prominent has two directions: collection investment group tends to organization, enterprise, this is a big direction; The second is younger. The subject matter of Chinese painting and calligraphy one hundred million yuan in 2016 took over buyers, a large part of are institutional or corporate buyers rather than in the traditional sense of the players. Will change trend in future development is more and more obvious.
Capitalization is expanding
Art pledge financing for financial products, financial and financial institutions in the development is rapid, especially based on the platform of art and its financial resources assets into a driven art will have a new breakthrough. The financial sector to participate in the art market, especially banking credit resource allocation to the art market, developing fast in 2016. Weifang bank accumulated more than 40, one hundred million yuan of credit asset allocation to the art market, loan balance there are more than one hundred million yuan, to be normal, systematic and large-scale development. Financial platform, small loan companies, pawn companies and other asset management platform, is also actively promote art is similar to pledge financing business. These business development is the result of the asset-like continue to expand.
The scissors are
Auction and capital operations, as well as differences in the underlying market expectations, is the scissors. The scissors in the art market is widespread, and the art market in 2011 entered the adjustment, many agencies say the art market bigger waves would come, but it was not until 2016 did not see. Institutions expected ahead of the market in many aspects of the underlying structure shows the trend of the price scissors need quite a long time to absorb and digest art market. This is the development of the inertial effect and results. In the new period, especially in 2016, the Chinese art market to achieve the task of narrowing the expected price scissors, also need a confidence in the market of stepwise regression.
Internationalization is deeper
International competition for a number of important collectors in the Chinese market can't meet the demand of bidding, the vision will often choose to extend to the worldwide. International buyers and collectors will be to invest in China's art market, this is all the usual things in the development of internationalization. The rise of the bonded business, and promote the domestic sale overseas delivery, it is also important to deepen the internationalization. In 2016, many of the items is done under the condition of this transaction, this is mixed transactions. The further internationalization is very important for local capital power regression.
Only artists facing reshuffle
Want to face an important task of art market in 2017, is the gift market construction market pattern, with the calligraphy and painting collection investment market capitalization, speed up the pace of the financialization and rapidly changing, by gift market into investment markets. Active artists before, most of them are after market baptism gift choice of artists. In artistic value construction transformation, the artist can further recognition they make investment market, is very important for the development of Chinese calligraphy and painting market. Shuffle the deck after the pattern of the establishment, will be one of the important subjects in recent years the development of Chinese calligraphy and painting market and important choice.
"Internet +" art and authorization is strength
"New formats" is mainly refers to the mechanism of "platform + Internet" mode is widely used in the field of market, art electric business has developed rapidly. At the end of 2015, the scale of the art electrical contractor nearly 2000, in particular, many Internet auction resources can do a lot of time on Internet auction sites, undoubtedly further develop bigger platform.
Rights granted in art for art market effective in stimulating to be reckoned with.
Wen exchange platforms are set up art trading center, the different types of artists and works for authorization, and reproducing derivatives, form a standardized transaction subject matter, publicly traded on the platform. The current development momentum rapidly.
Calligraphy and painting market growing mature technology and its system
Internet platforms into a leading technology and its system development, to promote Chinese calligraphy scope of market transaction, transaction boundary and scale of development, the changing pattern of the development of Chinese calligraphy and painting market. The development of Chinese art market have faced many problems, it is difficult to obtain in the process of big effect, use the management of the new technology will bring new pattern. Especially the integrated services platform based on the big data technology, technology appraisal, verification for the record the development of technology and system, etc, will not only create new forms, will further promote the development of the process.

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