Research and beyond - small oil painting exhibition held in Beijing China

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Research and beyond - small oil painting exhibition held in Beijing China
Pure and fresh and the life breath of art exploration of passion
After a year of preparation, research and beyond - Chinese oil painting exhibition "slightly" is to be made on November 16, 2001 to 29, held in national art museum of China. For China oil painting society since its establishment has several times to reflect the academic orientation of large-scale exhibition, a wide range of influence at home and abroad. Exhibition of the many great masterpieces, shows the momentum of rapid development of Chinese oil painting art. We also see many painters in the process of cut into the art experience, created a great number of injected into his artistic ideal of extremely rich artistic appeal and artistic passion and minor works. These works show the painter face up to life, liberty and xingfa exploration spirit, truly highlights the artist's art character, and its spirit HanLiang and value is not affected by zhichi slightly. Look from the history of oil painting, many small boutique master wide masterpiece is powerfully proof and enlightenment.
To this end, China oil painting society, decided in the new century the first autumn held in Beijing "research and beyond - Chinese oil painting exhibition" modestly, to advocate and encourage our painter to more in-depth study of rich and colorful modern life, carry forward the pioneering spirit in the field of oil painting art. , therefore, the exhibition of the works collection policy is: no matter what each painter respectively in a basis points, also no matter individual academic goals, solid step and repeat it is not advisable. Hope we by "organized by bravery, precious soul" the art of creative spirit, strive to exceed myself, with pure and fresh flavor of life, with a broad view of the research and in-depth thinking, with a sincere attitude, play their clever and full of artistic expression of passion. Improve the overall creativity of China's oil painting art.
After collecting works announcement sent around the exhibition, by the positive response of the painter. Successively send figure amounted to more than 4600 works, arts council choose 400 to participate in the selection of the original has been through three rounds of selection. Finally 246 works selected, 24 of them works won the exhibition "art prize". Unfortunately due to the limit of the exhibition space and its level and style of work, we can only choose the outstanding person. Won't make oil painting some pretty good works, especially some of the work itself is good, because the author still continues its original wholesale oil painting style, lack of innovation spirit, does not meet the requirements of the exhibition aim, which cannot.
Research and beyond - the "oil painting exhibition" modestly after everyone's efforts, to achieve a considerable level, was able to successfully held, first of all we would like to thank the oil painting reproductions enthusiastic participation of the masses of painter. They carry forward the spirit of courage to forge ahead, and he thinks the most satisfactory work office, strive to work most can reflect the latest exploration achievements of their own.
After collecting date deadline is in oil painting work, also has the painter works requirements before acceptance. Is regional painter's enthusiasm to participate in actively, to safeguard the exhibition can have high academic level.
Second, we want to thank Shanghai Beijing Kevin art center for the positive support of the exhibition, they from the viewpoint of support the development of the Chinese oil painting business,
provides exhibition necessary funds, held to the success of the exhibition plays an important role. Around the exhibition has same art colleges and universities and institutions, in the process of the exhibition to raise service, lu xun academy of fine arts, xi 'an academy of fine arts, sichuan fine portrait painting arts institute, shenzhen he xiangning art museum, the Macao SAR government and the Shanghai art museum, art colleges and institutions to contact or scheduled on display in Beijing after the tour arrangement in each area. This is also a national exhibition tour site most of the time, embodies the art of the Chinese oil painting exhibition, slightly also to expand the exhibition of achievements, enhance regional oil painting art creation experience exchanges play a promoting role.

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